A New Old Church Planting Strategy

This is an older article citing the need for and examples of churches planting churches. Most of the information is still relevant.



This article compares factors about church growth and church planting with easy to imagine “pictures.” Another older but relevant article.


A Harvest Parable

This article talks about how most churches can’t or won’t grow and how churches can plant churches resulting in Kingdom expansion.


Church Planting Myths

This article is about some common church planting myths including the impact of new churches on near by churches.


Twelve Steps to Church Planting

This provides a step by step approach for churches to use in planting churches.


U.S. Obstacles to Church Planting Movements

This lists several things about the U.S. that hinder the development of church planting movements in the U.S.

Is It True

Church Planting Leader Version

Small and Mid Size Church Leader Version

These files are a series of “Is it true . . . questions. The questions are the same but in a different order in the two versions. The questions can help you rethink some traditional thinking related to  church planting.